Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy new Year belatedly !!

Well I have been a tad bit busy creating so I have not been here to post. I hope everyone had good holidays...I am honestly glad they are over. Too much stress these days over them.
Anyways..I wanted to share a few of recent creations with you here goes!
This is a beaded cuff bracelet i made in conjunction with a group challenge on the Beaddreamz Yahoo group. It is my first cuff but won't be my last as i really enjoyed making this. I used three polymer clay face cabs that I had already made. I like the look!
I made my youngest daughter a large polymer clay bowl to keep her beaded bracelets and necklaces in ( instead of laying them all over the furniture as usual) for Christmas.She loves it thank goodness :o) .

These are a few of the beaded bracelets I made for Tyler ( my youngest dd) for Christmas.
Funny part is she tries to wear them all at once!!! Well.. she IS 13!! hehe

Now..over on the PCP Forum I am on ( ) we had a heart challenge for Jan..and these are just a few of the ones I made for it. ...there are many more as hearts are addictive to make. You can see the rest and many other of my new clay goodies here . Thanks for looking !! happy creating!