Thursday, August 30, 2007

Long time, No Post

Well.. it has most definitely been awhile since I have posted here. This past month as been a busy one for me...but I am hoping that is a good thing in the long run.:o) Anyhoo..I thought I would share some pics tonight of recent work I did for a swap we had at the BRPCGuild meeting last month. The theme/idea was Polymer Clay bowls..and as usual I made more than one ( I can never decide on just ONE idea see).
This is the one that Maggie decided she wanted for the swap. This bowl was made on a small glass bowl from the dollar store. I turned it upside down on a small tile and then I covered the bottom of the bowl ( that was pointed upward like a mound on the tile) with several different sizes of one cane i had made awhile back. I added little feet to the bottom and made it all shiny with a coating of Kato Liquid clay ( cured with a heat gun). It is very bright.

This bowl was done in the same fashion as the one above except I used two different leaf canes laid on in rows on the bowl and no feet were added.I glazed this one with Kato liquid as well.

Now the last bowl I made was done slightly different. Instead of using individual slices of canes directly onto the bowl, I made a fabric per se of clay that has slices of one cane on each side. This is the Mosaic cane ( tutorial link below) and it was done in two different color schemes, one per side of the bowl. Once the fabric was completely covered with cane slices on each side I ran it thru the pasta machine to even the whole thing out nicely. Then I draped the fabric over
the glass bowl bottom and trimmed it into a circle.
Flute the edges with your finger tips. Back and glaze
with Kato liquid clay. Turned out kind of cool.
Here is the link for the Mosaic cane..hope you try
it as it is very easy but gives cool effects! Happy
claying folks !

Monday, August 6, 2007

Kim Cavender Workshop !

This past weekend I was a lucky gal and got to go to a polymer clay workshop of Kim Cavender sponsored by the Blue Ridge Polymer Clay guild. OMG.. what a great time we had !!! On Saturday we learned how to make Woven Canes, they kind of look like woven fabric, and they are not as hard to do as they look!!!! Then on Sunday we had a fun technique day that used many items from your work room.Too much fun. If you ever get the chance to take a class from Kim C..I highly recommend it. We learned alot and had a very fun time whilst doing so. :o) Here are pictures of the canes we made on Sat..i still have to finish up the projects from Sundays class..will do so tonight and tomorrow, too hot to turn on the oven to bake them!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Renaissance Swirls bangle

I know the picture is not the best..but this is a bracelet I made yesterday and it was wicked easy!! It is a pattern from Bead & Button ( fav beading mag) Dec.2004 issue, called Renaissance Swirls Bangle by Nancy Zellers. It is made with transparent teal and pearl mint 11ยบ seed beads using the African Helix Stitch.Man was it easy!! Looks really nice on you wrist and is super lightweight since it is hollow. Hope ya like it! Bead something today :o)