Saturday, February 20, 2010

OK.. 2 years later.....

Man..I really do not do well with blogging ! But..I will try this again so I can share my latest work and info.
I am still working with polymer clay, beads and paper arts ( sometimes) and have added metal to the mix. Yea..I know.. as if I didn't have enough to play with already huh ?

These are my latest bracelets with more designs in progress. They are listed on ETSY so PLEASE go buy them! :o)

First one is made of polymer clay hearts that are cold connected ( riveted) to heart shaped copper bases that have been hammered for texture and Liver of Sulphur added for color.

The next one is made of moon shapes in Polymer Clay , cold connected with round copper bases that have drilled holes , hammered texture and Liver of Sulphur.

They both have toggle clasps of copper. I started with flat copper sheet and wire and raw clay. The wire became jump rings and the copper was cut, drilled, filed, hammered and patina added then the baked clay pieces were riveted into place.

They are very comfortable to wear.
More to come !!


Knightwork Studio said...

I, for one, am thrilled you are blogging again. As I have told you on Flickr your new pieces combining copper and clay are superb. I am constantly amazed at the versatility of polymer clay and how well it goes with literally everything. Thank you for sharing, I look forward to seeing more.


Sharon 'Harry' Solly said...

Thanks BJ,
I hope I can stay with it this time and really keep it up to date.
I have soo many ideas for new work that I hope I can get alot of it made. Stay Tuned.. same Bat Time ..same Bat Channel! :o)


Knightwork Studio said...

Will do, I have you on my blog's blog list so when you post something new I'll see it.

It's always exciting and inspiring to see new work.